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Ubilod: the software for cloud-based document management with QR code.

Associate a document folder with each object thanks to Ubilod.

Ubilod enables immediate and easily scalable cloud-based document management. Organize a QRbox with all the necessary contents, and you can share any type of material with clients and collaborators through a simple QR code scan with Ubilod.

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Gather your content and associate it with a QRbox to a productplacemachineryobject

A QRbox is a container of folders where you can gather files and contents in a single organized location with Ubilod.
The QRbox is associated with a QR code, which can be applied to a physical product, allowing colleagues and clients instant access to the necessary documentation with Ubilod.

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The 24/7 virtual assistant that responds to assistance requests on your behalf.

The intelligent assistance system that integrates ChatBOT and VoiceBOT with advanced AI-GPT technology, trained on all your documentation.

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Keep your documentation organized.

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Images, PDFs, links, and everything you might need.

On Ubilod, you can upload any type of file, from illustrative images to PDF guides, video tutorials, or links that direct to your website or a repository.

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Documents updated and synchronized instantly.

The QR code on your product will always be the same, while you choose and update the contents as needed!
Do you need to change the services offered periodically, the price lists, or simply the daily menu? Update the content in the QRbox; you don’t need to reprint your QR codes!

Discover how QR codes work.

Manage multiple QRboxes from a single place with templates.

Group one or more QRboxes into a template. The documents uploaded to the template are reflected in the individual QRboxes. This way, you can edit the contents of all the QR codes associated with the template in a single action.

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