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Quickly collect, update, and edit all files related to a physical object.

Ubilod is a document system with which you can manage all the documentation related to a product, a piece of machinery, a construction site, and more, so that you always have them available thanks to the QR code applied to it.

Images, PDFs, links, and everything you might need.

On Ubilod you can upload from classic formats such as pdf, word, excel, powerpoint, jpg, mp4 and svg to more industry-specific formats such as scada files, frx, frm, illustrator or psd and more.

Upload to the QRbox related to the machinery any documents that might come in handy, such as user guides, video tutorials, certifications, design files, technical diagrams, maintenance charts, and website links.

Documents updated and synchronized instantly.

The QR code on your product will always be the same, while you choose and update the contents as needed!
Ubilod associates each QR code with a container, so that the content can be updated and changed as you need it, without having to replace the QR code already shared.

Do you need to change the services offered periodically, the price lists, or simply the daily menu? Update the content in the QRbox without reprinting your QR code!

Manage multiple QRboxes from a single place with templates.

Group one or more QRboxes into a template. The documents uploaded to the template are reflected in the individual QRboxes. This way, you can edit the contents of all the QR codes associated with the template in a single action.

Are your products ISO 14001 certified and need to update on all products the released pdf? Templates help you edit in one click all QRbox certificates that have that template associated with them.

Upload and view documents in the language of your choice

Upload documents in different languages and allow all users to filter them in the folder according to their language. It has never been easier!

When you upload documentation, such as fire plans or building use regulations, you can allow users to view them in their own language, without the need to search for them within the documentation in all languages.

Conveniently manage the privacy of QRboxes or associated folders

Should the documents you upload be visible only to a small group of people? No problem, with Ubilod you can decide whether to make the information visible only to credentialed users or to anyone who scans your QR.
Organize privacy quickly for each QRbox!

Access from any device via QR code

By scanning the QR code or entering the label code into the web platform you can access the documents uploaded for the product from any device.

Your employees and clients will be able to access the documentation from tablets, smartphones or computers, so they can choose the best view depending on the use case. (Display-to-comfort ratio)

Insert reference contacts within each individual QRbox

Have you ever had a new contact person assigned to you in a company, or an office extension number changed, or even a phone line changed?
Match and update reference contacts for each QRbox with one click. With Ubilod directly contacting the staff in charge is instantaneous

Collaborate with colleagues, consultants, and suppliers on a job order

Do you collaborate with outside staff or colleagues, perhaps from another location, to produce your product?
Allow them to upload documents related to their work independently, without editing files and folders that are not their responsibility.

Generates a table, always at hand, of all components related to the object

Replacing a part, doing maintenance, or reordering a kit has never been easier!

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