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Document management for the industrial automation industry.

The only technical document management system dedicated to the world of industrial automation.
Organize, update and share all kinds of files by making them accessible by scanning a dynamic QR code.

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One software for collaboration between manufacturers, panel builders, maintainers and end-users.

Ubilod is a cloud document management software that was created through collaboration with manufacturers and maintainers to create a system focused on the needs of the industrial automation industry.

Organize the document management of your machinery’s technical file, making it quickly accessible during maintenance work.

Reduce downtime by supplying all materials useful for operations immediately. No searching in paper files, up-to-date information always available, and easy access to documentation.

The Ubilod process

Ubilod allows you to manage both generic documentation, related to the machinery model, and specific documentation related to the individual job order.


Create a template

Manage multiple machines simultaneously with the templates function, updating and adding documents from one place.

Add your QRbox

Create your machine, match it to a production model, and add specific documentation. Organizes manuals, certifications, wiring diagrams, and video tutorials into one archive.

Apply the QR code

Print the generated QR code and apply it to the machinery.

Share with a click

Deliver the machine to your customer and share the documentation with one click.

One container, wherever and however you want

Access from any device, simplify maintenance and speed up the retrieval of updated technical materials.

Documentation at the click of a mouse

Provide your customer with all documentation with a simple click and allow instant access by affixing the QR on the electrical panel.

At your disposal, at all times

Enter new materials at any time and update each machine’s documentation in an instant.

Discover an example of document management with the QRbox demo now!

Scan the QR code to access our demo QRbox.

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