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Document management for construction sites and properties

Ubilod, the cloud-based software for digitizing real estate files and construction documents

Construction sites are work environments where a multitude of documents are mandatory. Site documentation has the role of keeping the level of work organization constant. Therefore, proper management of them makes it possible to align the fulfillments of the construction company with the daily work of human resources.

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It is essential that documentation be in order, easily searchable and supplementable in case of eventuality.

Here are some things you can have in your worksite QRBox:

  • Declarations of Conformity
  • Certificate of registration with the chamber of commerce and valid DURC
  • Designations, appointments and proxies of corporate security figures
  • Appointment of competent physician, RLS, RSPP and fire officer
  • POS
  • Certificate of training and qualification of operators of equipment for which a specific qualification is required
  • Declaration of conformity of electrical and grounding system and related transmission model

Ubilod is the ideal assistant for keeping all documentation easily searchable!

But Ubilod doesn’t stop there, he does more! After the construction of the property, Ubilod also takes care of the property management documents by enabling the filing and cataloging of the file related to the initiative.

One container, wherever and however you want

The advantage of Ubilod lies in its document management functionality as it gives immediate sharing possibilities of documents uploaded in QR Boxes. Unlike normal filing systems, the Qr Box is more structured to be a centralized archive that is easily accessible, updatable, and shareable.

Discover an example of document management with the QRbox demo now!

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