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A virtual assistant available for you 24/7 that responds to all assistance requests on your behalf!

Ubilod GPT ensures instant responses to your technical assistance requests. Thanks to powerful GPT artificial intelligence and an organized document repository, our Voice-Bots and Chat-Bots continuously learn, ensuring instant retrieval of necessary information about your products or services.

Save time, optimize your performance with Ubilod GPT. Request your free DEMO!

You ask, Ubilod answers

Ubilod GPT, the AI for timely service responses to customers and technicians

It provides accurate answers by drawing directly from your manuals and business records organized in the document repository set up for you.

Do you waste too much time in handling caregiving tasks?

With the integration of Ubilod GPT everything changes.

Average response times for problem identification.
  • High personnel management costs
  • Increased personal technical training
  • More time spent in researching documentation
  • More time spent in identifying the problem on the manual
  • An ongoing consultation of technical documentation
  • Consistent and instantaneous responses
  • A 24/7 h24 support
  • Constantly improving responses with machine learning

Still doubt whether UbilodGPT is right for you?

Discover its flexibility and extent, schedule your consultation!

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Optimize the way you manage your business information

A 24/7 virtual expert who responds to technical support requests for you via VoiceBot or ChatBot systems.

Rapid information retrieval

No time wasted in searching for data; now one question is enough to get immediate answers.

Reducing Administrative Overhead

Workflow automation reduces administrative workload, allowing employees to focus on value-added tasks.

Increasing productivity

With quick responses and instant access to information, users can work more efficiently.

Are you interested only in the document management system or also in our Voice-bot and Chatbot systems?

No problem, contact us, and let's discuss it together!

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